Panama: $160 million Hospital Work Resumed

After four years of stagnation and with the works only 25% complete, the construction of the Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in the province of Colon has been reactivated.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From a statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic of Panama:

After resolving legal disputes with the company running the project, Consorcio IBT, which led to work stopping for almost four years, on 25 January the construction of Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital of the Atlantic coast was reactivated, with the cost of the work estimated at around $160 million.

Before the project was halted, the project was about 25% complete; it is envisaged that this facility will have more than 500 beds for medical hospitalization and 48 thousand square meters of building.

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Hospital Tender Delayed

November 2017

The tender to build and equip the new Santo Tomás hospital in Panama, whose publication was originally scheduled for June this year, has still not been held.

In March of this year the Ministry of Health gave assurances that the construction and equipment of the hospital would be tendered in June, but it has not even been able to complete the design and study stage.

Panama: $23 million Hospital Project

April 2015

The National Assembly has approved the transfer of $23 million to the Ministry of Health for the study, design, construction and equipping of Manuel Amador Guerrero Hospital in Colon.

From a statement issued by the National Assembly:

The $23,623,000 886 are intended to cope with payment obligations of the contract 185 (2010), whose objective is the study, design, construction and equipping and financing of Hospital Manuel Amador Guerrero, in province of Colon, on the order of $ 22,732,000 and $891,000 for the construction, equipment and funding for Anita Moreno Hospital, in the province of Los Santos.

Panama: Hospital Constructions Resumed

November 2014

After suspending contracts awarded to IBT Health Group in April, the government has resumed negotiations and announced that at the end of the year the works on four hospitals in the provinces of Darien, Colón, Los Santos and Chiriqui will be restarted.

It is hoped that with the agreements reached between IBT Health Group and the Ministry of Health (MoH) the hospitals will begin operating in 2016.

Nicaragua: $25 million for Health Infrastructure

January 2013

According to the Public Investment Program, the Ministry of Health has prepared a budget for 2013 of $25 million in order to renovate hospital infrastructure.

The projects include the renovation of two national referral hospitals the children’s hospital Manuel de Jesús Rivera " La Mascota ", and the women’s hospital "Bertha Calderon", with an investment of $3.5 million.