Panama: Businessmen Ask for Adjustment to Electricity Rates

The business association of Chiriquí has asked for an adjustment in the prices of electricity, considering that this province and Bocas del Toro generate 60% of the energy produced in the country.

Friday, February 6, 2015

From a statement issued by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Chiriqui (CAMCHI):

The meeting on the rise in electricity prices realized held with Roberto Meana, director general of the Authority for Public Services (ASEP), along with representatives from the various productive sectors at the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Chiriqui (CAMCHI ), the governor of the province of Chiriqui, Hugo Mendez and representatives of the Board of the Hospital Materno Infantil Jose Domingo De Obaldia, developed an extensive debate which brought up interesting proposals to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs in the region, taking into account that between Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro 60% of the country's electricity is produced.

Abdel Torres, president of CAMCHI, requested a review of tariffs and the misnamed "subsidies" for electricity producing areas such as Chiriqui and Bocas which generating 60% of the energy produced in Panama.

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Panama Cancels Licenses for Power Plants

March 2017

The Public Services Authority is in the process of canceling licenses for plants for which construction has not yet started or are showing signs of not being able to move forward with projects.

To date the Authority of Public Services (ASEP), reports that it has canceled about 35 licenses and concessions for generation projects, using both thermal and renewable power plants. The total amount of MW that have been canceled is 700 MW in thermal plants and 150 MW in hydroelectric projects, which should have been ready in 2020.  

Panama: Applications for Solar and Wind Energy Will Still Be Accepted

August 2015

The Public Services Authority has rejected the request by the state run power company and will not suspend the licensing of projects for wind or solar generation.

Even though the total licenses to build solar and wind power plants being processed by the Public Services Authority is equivalent to more than twice the current demand for energy in the country , the issue of permits for such projects will not be suspended, provided there is compliance with the requirements in the legislation.

Panama Withdraws Electricity Subsidy for Industry and Commerce

June 2015

From July 1st the Energy Compensation Fund will be eliminated and users who demand the most power will pay actual market rates.

From a statement issued by the National Authority for Public Services (ASEP):

Electricity rates corresponding to the second half of 2015 will not be raised, according to the Authority of Public Services (ASEP), the entity that performs a calculation every six months to establish the tariff schemes to be applied in Panama, once the companies EDEMET, EDECHI and ENSA publish their tariff schedules.

Rates for Solar Energy in Costa Rica

April 2015

The tariff proposal of the Public Services Authority for large-scale solar power generation establishes that plants of more than 1 MW can sell each Kw / h between $0.0751 and $0.1794.

From a statement issued by the Regulatory Authority for Public Services (ARESEP)

ARESEP proposes rates to promote solar generation