Paid TV and Broadband Market

In 2015 Central America will sell $2 billion in paid television and broadband services, both wireless and cable.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A report from consulting company Signals Telecom foresees a battle in broadband services, as the average speeds offered in Central America are below South American and Caribbean averages.

They also expect competition to cause improvements in 3G coverage, and the introduction of more added value services.

Recent developments in this area are the start of operations of Russian company Yota in Nicaragua and the fact that in Costa Rica, after the liberalization of the telecomm market, former monopoly ICE took too long to offer paid TV, and this could cause more clients to switch to one of the new upcoming players.

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Telecommunications Market in Panama

August 2010

The entrance into the market by Digicel and Claro in 2009 has caused cellular telephony prices to fall and increased competition in promotions and special offers.

Overall, telecommunications sales in Panama are expected to exceed $1 billion in 2010, with most growth in broadband Internet and mobile phone services.

Telecoms and Internet in Nicaragua

August 2010

The industry is characterized by low levels of market penetration in Nicaragua with little competition and huge future growth potential.

An article in Ecommerce Journal analyzes the recent development of Nicaragua's telecommunications market. It highlights the issue of the poorly executed privatization and the resulting fixed-line monoply as being a cause for concern.

Panama: $2.2 Billion in Broadband and Paid TV

June 2010

A report by Signals Telecom Consulting indicates that in 2015, Panamanian telecoms will sell $2.2 billion in broadband and paid TV services.

According to the study, the broadband competition currently revolves around providing higher access speeds.

“Cable & Wireless and Cable Onda are the largest competitors in fixed services.

Yota Ready to Operate in Nicaragua

February 2010

Internet via WIMAX will be available in June, reported company executives.

Yota’s other service in Nicaragua, basic wireless telephony, will be available before the end of 2010.

The company has already installed 26 out of 35 stations it plans to develop in the city of Managua, explained Olga Fedoseeva, Vice Manager at Yota. In terms of area coverage, they now reach 80% of the city’s area, explained Fedoseeva.