Outlook for Honduran Banks in 2017

Although profitability of the entities is adequate, Fitch Ratings is not ruling out pressure on performance because of increased spending on credit provisions and lower growth.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From a report by Fitch Ratings, III quarter of 2016:

Concentrated financial system has adequate profitability and capitalization in Regulatory situation in process of strengthening 

Banking System Concentrate in largest banks: The Honduran financial system is made up of 15 banks. The three largest account for almost 52% of total assets. In this analysis, Fitch Ratings considers six classified entities representing about 60% of total assets. National classifications of Banrural, Banpaís and Davivienda, foreign-owned, are based on the support of its parent company. The banks, Ficohsa, Atlantis and Ficensa reflect their intrinsic profile.  

Read full report (in spanish).

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At the end of 2018, credit granted to the business sector in Guatemala registered a 7% increase over December of the previous year.

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