Outdoor Advertising: Renewal of Regulations Announced

Following the news that the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation in Costa Rica plans to renew the framework that regulates outdoor advertising, businessmen of the sector are asking to be taken into account in this process.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In the country, outdoor advertising is regulated by a law that dates back to 2001. In the case of national roads, the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT) is in charge of regulating this type of advertising and in the case of cantonal roads, local governments are designated for these tasks.

Although the authorities agree that a law is necessary to provide a proper legal framework, the MOPT has announced that it will currently focus on the renewal of the existing regulations.

After learning of the authorities' intentions, the Chamber of Outdoor Advertising (Capex) requested to participate in the elaboration of the regulations.

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Elena Rodriguez, executive director of Capex, told Nacion.com that "... outdoor advertising companies should take part not to say what to do but to express the needs that businessmen have in this matter, among them the existence of advertising formats that are not yet regulated."

The intention of the businessmen is to provide information to make the regulations easy to understand and also to provide technical details that must be contemplated in the new text.

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Rodriguez added that "... of the mobile formats only the back of buses is regulated (which are regulated via the Transit Law), we have electronic formats that are not included, we have formats such as urban enclosures that are not included either, and so a series of things that arose after the enactment of the regulation in 2001."

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