Outdoor Advertising Regulated in Panama

The width, height and distance required between each fence and between commercial and street furniture are some of the aspects which the regulation will cover.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Mayor Roxana Mendez presented to the Municipal Council of Panama a project to regulate the placement of outdoor advertising", reported Prensa.com.

She said that for example, the spacing between each fence pole should be a maximum 140 meters wide and at least 40 meters high. Furthermore, visual pollution will be reduced and advertising organized.

"The project has the consensus of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama and companies engaged in the activity."

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Panama: New Rules of Outdoor Advertising

January 2016

Between 90 and 365 days are the timeframes allocated by the mayor of Panama for removing billboards that do not comply with the new provisions.

From the agreement published by the City of Panama in La Gaceta:

FIRST ARTICLE: the outdoor advertising regulations will be adopted, which contain detailed technical specifications of the elements and types of outdoor advertising in private spaces, as an annex to Municipal Agreement No. 138, of September 22, 2015, in accordance with the provisions of Article 76 which is attached to this Decree.

Nicaragua: New Taxes on Advertising Signs

October 2013

A bill intends to impose a tax in dollars on advertising of commercial enterprises in public spaces.

"According to the bill, natural or legal persons must have an installation or renovation permit from City Hall. Once obtained, they will have thirty days to place the sign, otherwise they will need to reapply." reported Laprensa.com.ni.

Panama: Fines for Outdoor Advertising on Constructions

July 2013

The Panamanian Mayor will punish with fines up to $10,000 those who place outdoor advertising on structures or vacant lots.

From a press release from the Mayor of Panama:

The Mayor of Panama (@ panamamunicipio), is prohibiting outdoor advertising placement on perimeter fences and vacant buildings, while establishing that the holders or legal representatives of the products being advertised and the owners of the building project are to be jointly and severally liable.

Publicity Regulated in Salvadoran capital

August 2012

The enforcement of an Ordinance Regulating Advertising means that ads in public spaces in the capital will be regulated.

The ordinance is intended to regulate the installation, location and maintenance of advertising elements installed on public roads.

The regulations prohibit: