Oscar Arias will mediate in Honduran Crisis

State Secretary Hillary Clinton announced that the President of Costa Rica, Oscar Arias, will serve as international mediator in the Honduran political crisis.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The announcement was made after a private meeting with Manuel Zelaya, Honduras ousted president, exiled from the country on June 28.

Clinton said that both Zelaya and appointed president Roberto Micheletti accept the designation of Oscar Arias as mediator.

Oscar Arias announced that he will work on the problem from Costa Rica, and not in Honduras.

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Gold Medals in Honduras Crisis

December 2009

Brazil won for maximum hypocrisy, United States for indecision, and the OAS for lack of impartiality.

Andres Oppenheimer lists some of the top external players in the Honduras crisis, detailing their biggest political mistakes.

The feeling remains, however, that had not been for the mistakes of the international community (specially for its stubbornness in not listening to objective reasons), the price being paid by the people of Honduras would not be so high.

There is a clear exit strategy to Honduran mess: elections

September 2009

The Washington Post: "The only good way out of the Honduran crisis is to go forward with the presidential election scheduled for Nov. 29."

"The only good way out of the Honduran crisis is to go forward with the presidential election scheduled for Nov. 29 and to do so in a way that will allow Hondurans to freely express themselves and governments around the region to accept the results.

Honduras: Risky Intransigent Postures

September 2009

The editorial at Nacion.com remarks: "if all that is left is poses, angry reactions and more inflexibility, Zelaya's presence could be the trigger that was needed for real violence".

"No agreement will be possible unless Latin America's democratic countries nullify the distorting actions of Hugo Chávez, so diplomatic initiatives are not based on ideological intentions but democratic objectives.

Honduras: Arias Says Elections Could be the Solution

September 2009

"If elections undertaken in Latin America by dictatorial regimes had been invalid, there wouldn't have been transitions to democracy".

In declarations to Brazilian newspaper "Folha", the president of Costa Rica, and mediator in the Honduran crisis affirmed that the elections called for November could end the crisis, even though the international community has warned they won't recognize its results.