Optimistic Perspectives for Agriculture in Nicaragua

The agricultural and livestock guild plans to close the 2017/18 cycle with growth close to 5.5%, which is due to better yields and a rebound in international prices of the main export products.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

dir="ltr">Companies in the agricultural sector expect better results to be achieved in the next agricultural cycle than in the previous one, which was affected, among other things, by the low international prices of products such as sugar cane, sorghum and peanuts.  For the 2017/2018 cycle, better prices are expected in the international market along with growth in production.

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Statistics on Agribusiness in Nicaragua"

Michael Healy, president of the Union of Agricultural Producers in Nicaragua (Upanic), told Laprensa.com.ni that   "..."This year there will be sustainable growth, better yields compared to the previous year because we started with a good winter.  There are already some prices that have seen a huge rebound, although we recognize that there are challenges, mainly related to basic grains and milk'."

According to the Upanic, "... this year's challenge is focusing on increasing labor in the countryside, irrigation and agro-industry. The objective is to train producers in new techniques and use of technology in order to improve their performance.  One example is "... farmers of peanuts, sugar cane and robusta coffee ... who are working on improving their productivity in order to increase exports. In this last crop, forecasts are for sewing of about six thousand manzanas (1 manzana = 1.74 acres) in the Pacific zone, representing huge progress since initially it was only allowed to be planted in the Atlantic zone.

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