Opposition to Embargo on Tax Evasion

The legislative opposition in Costa Rica has once again submitted a replacement text for the law against tax fraud, eliminating from the project the seizure of bank accounts of companies suspected of tax evasion.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

With the motion filed by the opposition deputies are aiming to prevent the Directorate General of Taxation from having the capacity to seize or ask a judge to seize bank accounts of taxpayers suspected of tax evasion.

Nacion.com reports that "...As the legal proposal stands in Congress, it states that the Tax Administration office may apply to a judge, for the freezing of assets and accounts. Moreover, that judge will have a three day period in which to rule and, if not resolved on schedule the request is deemed to have been approved, under the rule of positive silence. "

"... However, in the proposed new wording of record 19.245, raised by liberationists, Christian Socialists, and libertarians it is extended to three to ten days (five to order a hearing with the taxpayer and five for the judge to decide whether or not to accept the "annotation of embargo" requested by the Tax Administration. "

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