Opportunity for Fruits and Vegetables in Italy

The market for fresh fruits and vegetables in this European country amounts to $25 billion, mostly in fruits, while processed vegetables amount to just over $4 billion.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

From a report by Procomer Costa Rica entitled "Opportunities for marketing fresh and processed fruits and vegetables in Italy":

The fresh fruit and vegetable market in Italy is USD 25,071 mn, mostly fruit (68%), and the processed market is USD 4,272 mn in 2017. Both have opportunities to supply the food industry and, specifically the fresh ones, to enter the retail trade in the Italian off-season and with exotic products.   

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In order of market size, the opportunities by product are: FRUITS AND VEGETABLES: 

▪ Pineapple -133 mn- and banana -507 mn-: explore new business models and new niches (eg pineapple via airplane), beyond the conventional market (with strong competition and low price).  

▪ Melon -35.5 mn- and watermelon -20 mn-: participate covering shortages due to seasonality of local production.  

▪ Exotic fruits (avocado -50 mn-, mango -31 mn- and papaya -8 mn-): take advantage of the fact that more and more companies want to participate and look for new suppliers with all year round supply or to cover shortages from their suppliers. (CAGR 13-17: 17%)

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