Opportunity for Cranberry Exports

In recent years consumption of this fruit in the United States has increased by about 30%, in Europe 76% and in China 140%.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

From a statement from issued by Agexport in Guatemala:

The AGRITRADE platform at AGEXPORT has identified cranberries as an option for diversifying the country's agricultural exports, taking into account demand and trends in the international market.

In regards to this, the organization's agricultural sector is participating in the International Senior Management Program for Cranberry Industry, given by international experts from Chile, Peru and the United States, which is held in Bogota, Colombia, in follow-up to the previous seminar in Mexico.

According to experts, cranberry consumption in the United States has increased in recent years by 31%, Europe by 76% and China by 140%. The world's largest consumption is in the northern hemisphere.  It is important to note that in the Chinese market, the most consumed berry is cherry and cranberry is an immediate substitute, which makes this agricultural product produced in Guatemala have high export potential, said the Director of AGEXPORT, Estuardo Castro.

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