Opportunity Opens Up in Panama for U.S. Pork

With the elimination of tariff barriers, pork exporters from the U.S. expected to reach $30 million in exports to Panama.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The goal of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) is to reach this figure in pork and pork and derivatives exports to Panama by 2016, from the current level of near $12 million.

Under the free trade agreement with the United States, tariffs on pork and related products will drop substantially, says Gerardo Rodriguez, director of the USMEF trade for Central America and the Caribbean. For example:

- The tax of 60-70% in most cuts of pork will be removed on a quota of 3,520 tonnes.
- The 15% tax on bacon will be removed on a quota of 1,399 tonnes.
- The tax of between 15% and 30% for certain prepared and preserved products will be removed for a quota of 670 tonnes.

Rodriguez also noted that pork exports have had considerable success under the CAFTA-DR, reaching $37 million in Honduras, $23 million in Guatemala, $5.4 million in Costa Rica and $5.3 million in El Salvador.

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Pork: Import Investigation Requested

January 2020

Arguing that imports may be close to reaching the level of automatic activation of the special safeguard mechanism, the Panamanian government ordered an investigation into pork purchases made from companies in the United States.

The General Directorate of Trade Defence has analyzed the information available through periodic reports requested from the National Customs Authority on imports of the goods described above and has submitted a report warning that such imports may be close to reaching the level of automatic activation of the special agricultural safeguard mechanism, explains the resolution of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MICI).

Pork Meat: U.S. Import Tariffs

April 2019

Arguing that the import quota allocated for this year was reached, Panama applied a special safeguard measure on certain fractions of pork products originating in the USA.

The measure applies to pork in carcasses or half carcasses, legs, shoulders, and their bone-in pieces, hams, and pork ribs, so now importers will have to pay a regular tariff of between 40% and 70% to import pork from the aforementioned U.S. country.

More U.S. Beef to Panama

December 2012

With the coming into force of the Trade Promotion Agreement, the Panamanian market becomes more attractive to American cattle farms.

Such is the view of the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), whose spokesmen explained that the tariffs went to 0% for certain cuts, while others still maintain a 30% rate that will be gradually reduced to 0%.

Panama to Import Pork

May 2012

The agreement negotiated with the World Trade Organization obliges the entry of 880 tonnes, of which 130 will be imported from Costa Rica.

The 880 tonnes of pork will be sent to Panama between 17 July to 31 October this year as part of a regular tariff negotiated by World Trade Organization (WTO).