Only 4 Companies Interested in Port La Union

Of the 34 global companies invited to prequalify for the "White Elephant" tender process from El Salvador, only 4 have presented their documents.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 reports that "Samm Puertos S.A., founded with Chilean capital, Grupo Maritim TCB, of Spanish origin; Bolloré Ports and Logistics, also of Spanish capital, and International Container Terminal Servicies, based in the Philippines, showed interest in participating in the tender to operate the marine terminal, and presented documents demonstrating their expertise in managing ports and their availability of capital, among other things. "

The Spanish Royal Academy defines "Elefante Blanco (White Elephant)" as something which "is expensive to maintain and has no useful purpose."

The seemingly endless process for granting a concession for operating Puerto La Union seems to at least have completed one stage, having set a closing date for submission of expressions of interest. With his unflappable optimism, the president of CEPA, Alberto Arene, said "We are pleased with the completion of this stage, because four companies who are very well represented in this sector have expressed interest in the concession for the port of La Union and they are two European companies, one American and an Asian company. We believe that these are companies which have first rate experience and are very solid. "

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Puerto La Union: White Elephant Sits Waiting

May 2015

Now May 28th is the "confirmed" date for the submission of bids in the tender for the Central American Port of La Union.

According to the Executive Port Commission (CEPA), resolutions have been given to 63 queries put forward by four companies which have pre-qualified to participate in the tender, and because of this there will be no further changes to the date for receiving bids.

Another postponement in Tender for Puerto La Union

March 2015

For the fourth time since the project was announced, the Autonomous Executive Port Commission has extended the deadline for submission of tenders for the dredging of the harbor, this time to April 14.

With this new change and there are now four months of arrears since the date originally chosen for bids, which was December 2, 2014.

Puerto La Union: More Time for the White Elephant

October 2014

The Autonomous Executive Port Commission of El Salvador is now considering extending the deadline for pre-qualified companies to complete the consultation process for bidding in the concession.

The never ending story continues...

Initially submission of bids was planned for December 2 but now they are considering giving another 15 days to 4 pre-qualified firms in order to respond to queries about the process and so that they are better able to present "... their final offers in the best way."

Protests Over Container Terminal Award in Honduras

February 2013

The consortium Bollore / TCB states that in light of a tie in the financial offer a thorough verification should be performed on all the documents submitted by the bidders.

A statement from the consortium Bollore / TCB reads:

Tegucigalpa, Honduras, February 13, 2013

Reference: Repeal of formal request for review and public access to documentation on the part of COALIANZA by a participant in the International Public Tender for the award of a contract for the design, financing, construction, maintenance, operation and exploitation of the Specialized Container Terminal for General Cargo at Puerto Cortés.