Obstacles to Central American Tourism Integration

What is needed is simple and effective governments that put an end to the bureaucracy that limits the integration of tourism in the region.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

So says Epaminondas Marinakys, president of the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR). The official believes that the governments of the region must adjust their border rules in order to expedite the passage of tourists from one place to another.

Marinakys believes that in Central America the same thing should happen as it does in Europe where tourists see more than a destination on their trip. Furthermore, there should be improvements in training staff to deal with visitors, since they are willing "to spend, but only when they are treated well," he said.

Data from the World Tourism Organization shows that in 2013 Central America could have about 8 million visitors, similar to the previous year, when $9,600 million was earned in foreign exchange.

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Certification for Tourism in Central America

March 2014

A promotion exercise is being carried out of the "Best Service" certification in the region in order to improve service and positioning of SMEs in tourism.

In order to improve the service and prestige of small and medium tourism enterprises in the region, the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR) is promoting the "Best Service" certification.

"More Political Will" for Regional Tourism Integration

September 2012

Tourist industry experts gathered recently in Honduras in order to petition the region's governments for 'more political will' to achieving genuine tourism integration.

Mariano Beltranena, president of the Federation of Tourism Chambers of Central America (FEDECATUR) said, "There needs to be more political will to promote tourism and carry out tourism integration in the region ...

Manual for Medical Tourism in the Region

November 2011

In an effort to provide comprehensive medical tourism services tailored to industry best practices, the region’s chambers of tourism have come together to work on a manual to help companies in the sector.

It is hoped the regulations will empower professionals and improve the quality of services.

El Salvador to Host Central American Travel Market

May 2009

From October 9 – 11, 2009, the city of San Salvador will host the sixth edition of the Central American Travel Market (CATM).

The CATM Fair is the region's most important showcase because it is a platform that promotes business between the tourism sector in Central America and the rest of world.