Obstacles in Panama Customs Offices

Logistics companies and customs agents have reported inconsistencies in the application of standards and inefficiency and slowness in the computer systems that are used to carry out the processes.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Although the country is the main logistics hub in the region, employers and brokers have pointed out the presence of obstacles, such as poor management of the SIGA computer system, affecting services and preventing an improvement in the competitiveness of Panamanian trade abroad.

Severo Souza, president of the Logistics Business Council (Coel) told Martesfinanciero.com that "... 'At some point or another everyone gets held up when they have to deal with customs. "

Regarding the malfunction of the integrated computer border management system (SIGA), the broker Venancio Serrano says, "... it does not allow for a loading bill (customer documentation) of goods from China going to the Colon Free Zone (ZLC) to be registered directly there. 'The moment that this document moves the port to the CFZ, it gets lost and Customs also automatically loses control of the container'. "

According to Daniel Isaza, CEO of Interoceanic Cargo Carrier, "... Over 50% of the problem is not the software but the rules governing the operation of the customs office. "

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The government has announced a committee formed of entrepreneurs who will design a national logistics strategy, focusing on redirecting the Colon Free Zone, integral panning for ports and the technological inter-oceanic corridor area.

The purpose of this Committee consisting of 7 members of the private sector, is to define together the plans, programs and goals of a Master Plan which aims to develop the sector as a whole.

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Despite the antiquity of the efforts for Central American integration and for the Customs Union the obstacles to trade between the countries on the isthmus presented by customs offices are notorious.

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The competitiveness of the economies of the isthmus is being impaired by the inefficiency of the bureaucracy in the management of customs offices in the region.

The bureaucracy at customs offices has become a serious problem for the Central American region. Among other things it generates increases in the costs of exporting because of the procedures that must be paid for, loss of perishable goods and delays in production in processes that have to wait for raw materials.