Nutrition Information on Menus

A bill in Costa Rica aims to force all restaurant chains to include nutrition information on their food menus.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The bill states that the measure would apply only to the franchises which have more than five affiliated branches and aims to raise awareness of the amount of fat, sodium and sugar in the food on offer. If the initiative is approved, the menus will have to provide calorie information for dishes in a general format.

"... The information will have to be indicated on the menu, where the customer must be able to find the number of calories per serving. This information must be entered in the same font size as the product name. " reports that "... The law would require the Ministry of Health to be responsible for ensuring that these provisions are applied and failure to do so would mean sanctions such as withdrawal of permits to operate. Once the project is approved, the Health Department will have 90 days to regulate it. "

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