No Salary Increases in Guatemala

A survey conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers indicated that 59% of surveyed companies do not plan to raise salaries.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Of the 150 companies surveyed, 41% are planning to make wage increases by an average of 8.6%. website published the results of the survey of 150 companies in Guatemala. The consultant Pricewaterhouse Coopers conducted its six-month review of the Business Labor Information System.

Leonel Días Zeceña wrote in his article: "The trend varies between national and multinational companies, since 80 percent of the national companies do not foresee a salary increase, while 60% of the international ones indicate that they will give an increase."

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Panamanian Salaries Improve

July 2010

Salaries in the labor market have increased 5.92% relative to 2009.

The preliminary findings of a survey into Panamanian salaries carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers indicates that the increase relative to 2008 is 14.3%.

Multinational companies recorded the largest increase relative to last year with a rise of 9.6%.

90% of Guatemalan Companies Would Rise Salaries in 2011

June 2010

According to the latest salary survey of PWC, 90% of the surveyed companies plan to increase salaries in 2011.

Among the companies planning increases, the average pay rise will be 7.4%. The sectors where salaries will be most increased are hospitality (10%), technology (9.1%), retail l(9.0%), manufacture (8.3%), services (8.2%), agro industry (8.1%) and industry (8.0%).

Salary Census in Guatemala

November 2009

A poll conducted by Pricewaterhouse revealed that 68% of companies plan salary increases for 2010.

The remaining 32% answered they are not planning raises for 2010.

The 332 domestic and multinational companies that participated in the study employ 186.818 people.

"When asked what would be the average salary increase in 2010, the average response was 7.7% (it was 9.5% in 2009)", reported

Nicaragua: Differentiated Minimum Wage Agreed

May 2009

Minimum wage adjustments for the next 6 months will be differential: 13%, 11% and 8%, depending on the industry.

The 13% readjustment applies to the minimum wage for agricultural workers (an increase of $9). The increase of 11% will be for the basic services sector, trade, transport, insurance and financial institutions, among others.