No Meat Sales to EU Without Traceability

Nicaragua will need a minimum of a year to implement an adequate traceability system which will allow it to export meat to Europe.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"First certification must come from Europe, which says that they accept our system of traceability, and we must be prepared (to export) when the time comes," said the president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Beef Exports (Canicarne) Juan Sebastián Chamorro.

Chamorro explained that once its traceabilty system is ready, the Government will be able to apply to the European Union for the certification of its meat. reports: "Traceability is a sophisticated system of cattle identification, because it not only requires the physical record of each individual animal, like an identity card for humans, but also includes the site and date of birth, and data about its parents. "

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Cattle Traceability in Infancy Is Preventing Sales to Europe

January 2016

In Nicaragua the slow pace of implementation of the system is preventing the livestock sector from make the most of the beef export quota established by the Agreement with the EU.

The 2083 tonnes of beef which the livestock sector in Nicaragua could sell to the European market is not being fully leveraged due to the fact that they do not have the required minimum records demanded by European law to allow the importation of products.

Advances in Bovine Traceability in Nicaragua

October 2013

The Nicaraguan livestock sector's use of the Agreement with the European Union depends on the full implementation of the traceability of every kilo of meat exported.  

With the support of the Inter-American Development Bank local livestock traceability will be promoted by the Trazar-Nic project.

Missed Opportunity for Nicaragua Meat  

August 2013

The Nicaraguan meat industry is still not clear on what they need to obtain the certifications required by the European market.

In order for Nicaraguan products to reach the European market they must comply with health and quality certifications, not only on behalf of the farmers but also the agricultural authorities.

Lack of Traceability Penalizes Panamanian Exports

April 2013

This year Panama will stop the export of 1580 tons of beef to the European Union for failing to meet the requirement of implementing livestock traceability.

One requirement for Panama to export meat through the Treaty of the European Union with Central America, is for the country to have a traceability system, however, the project is being held up in Congress.