Nicaragua's Coffee Output: 1.8 Million Quintals

Coffee production this year will be greater than in 2008/09, when the country outputted 1.5 million quintals.

Monday, September 21, 2009

80% of the coffee production is sold abroad, the main markets being the U.S. and Europe, explained Horacio Rappacciolli, CEO of 'CISA Exportadora'.

"In fact Nicaragua, as an exporting country, consumes very little domestically, selling its grains to many markets, even though the largest destinations are United States and Europe, and to a lesser degree Asia", reported local newspaper El Nuevo Diario.

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El Salvador: 54% of Exported Coffee is "Special"

September 2012

In the 2010/11, the country exported 600,526 quintals of special coffee, generating foreign exchange of $136.59 million. For this harvest, 2011/12, 660,593 quintals have been exported up to August, with foreign exchange earnings of $165 million.

According to information from the Salvadoran Coffee Council (CSC), this year $302.08 million has come into the country in foreign exchange from coffee exports, of that number 54% is from the sale of specialty coffee (which includes gourmet organic , sustainable and Fair Trade, among others).

Specialty Coffee in Honduras

June 2012

Coffee growers are counting on the production of more than 100 million quintals of top quality grain this harvest.

"Specialty coffee harvests are getting bigger and bigger. In this period we will have a good number of bags to serve such markets. We believe that exports will rise more than 100 million quintals", said Asterio Reyes, president of Ihcafé (the Honduran Coffee Institute) to

Guatemala: Coffee Crop to Go Down by 6%

February 2012

Producers estimate that the 2012-2013 coffee harvest will be reduced by 6%, being about 4.5 million quintals, instead of the 4.8 million quintals previously projected.

Ricardo Villanueva, president of the National Coffee Association (Anacafe) said that predictions of a reduced harvest are based on the expected effects of climate change, such as virulent attacks of diseases in the plantations.

Fortified Coffee to be Marketed in Guatemala

July 2009

Coffee growers from the country's west ready the October launch of their fortified coffee brand "Oro Maya".

A new processing plant has benefited 3.500 small producers from the Fecceg, the Guatemalan Federation of Special Coffee Cooperatives.

"Fortified grains would be marketed in one pound and 20 grams packages, the latter the most popular...", published, "...Fecceg output nears 40.000 quintals each year".