Nicaragua to Charge for Freight Transportation

The Nicaraguan authorities plan to impose a customs tax on the transport of cargo in transit or with final destination in the country as of March 15.

Friday, March 8, 2019

The resolution that will allow the collection was signed last February 28 by the general director of the General Directorate of Customs Services of Nicaragua, however, the authorities still do not specify the amount required from carriers.

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Marvin Altamirano, president of the Nicaraguan Transporters Association (ATN), told that "... the customs tax was recommended by them several years ago because it is unfair that Nicaraguan truck drivers have to pay to travel in other countries and not to do so in Nicaragua."

Altamirano added that "... Costa Rica does not recognize the Single Transit Document (SUT) for international transit although it is involved in the issue of integration, so we make a document called Single Customs Document (SAD). The rest of the countries do recognize it, but you still have to pay."

According to the president of the Nicaraguan guild in Costa Rica, they are charged $50 for the DUA, $65 for the DUT Honduras with a two-axle harrow and $81 if it is a three-axle harrow, El Salvador $15 and Guatemala $20.

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Nicaragua Abolishes Freight Charges

March 2020

Local authorities announced that as of March 7, cargo vehicles traveling through the country from Costa Rica will no longer pay $50 at Nicaraguan customs.

On March 15, 2019, Nicaraguan authorities began to charge a customs tax on the transport of cargo in transit or with a final destination in the country.

Transport: Delays Due to Truck Overhauls

July 2019

In Nicaragua, the guild of transporters reports that in the customs of the country is reviewed 40% of cargo trucks, a situation causing delays because the international standard is to inspect a maximum of 10% of units.

Managers of the Association of Nicaraguan Transporters (ATN) reported that since the beginning of the political and social crisis in the country in April 2018, the time for a truck to enter Nicaraguan borders has increased and carriers can spend up to a day.

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April 2019

Nicaraguan carriers estimate that during the first quarter of the year the movement of cargo in the country has decreased by up to 55%, mainly because of the decline in economic activity.

For the representatives of the Nicaraguan Association of Transporters, local fuel prices have also affected them, as their operations have become more expensive compared to other countries in the region.

Costly Break to Regional Trade

March 2019

Central American businessmen assure that the customs tax on the transport of cargo in transit or with final destination that the Nicaraguan government wants to impose "threatens the instruments of Central American integration, and becomes an obstacle to intraregional trade.

Weeks ago it was reported that from March 15 would begin to collect the customs tax, however, the authorities did not specify what amount will be required from carriers.