Nicaragua: $ 2 Million for Labor Laws

The amount donated by the U.S. is for project "Better Work" which links the application of labor laws and international trade opportunities.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Secretary of Labor of the United States, Hilda Solis, said that with this project, "Nicaragua joins the countries which accept what is considered a gold standard for the enforcement of labor rights in the textile and clothing sector."

La Prensa reports, “Participating in the program are the Ministry of Labor and National Commission of Free Zones, the Superior Council of Private Enterprise and the Nicaraguan Association of Textile Industry, the Sandinista Workers Central and other unions.”

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Guatemala to Reform 'Textile Factory Development Act'

June 2011

The government has made a committment to the E.U. to submit a reform bill and its regulations within 60 days, so as not to adversely affect the labor market.

The U.S. has complained since 2010 that the Guatemalan government has not ensured acceptable working conditions and rights of association for its workers.

El Salvador: Textile Job Flexibility Demands

June 2011

The Chamber of the Textiles, Clothing and Free Zones has presented a new proposal for the sector.

In 2010 the chamber had proposed a change in working hours from the 3.5 x 3.5 scheme, which means that employees work three and a half days and then rest for the same period of time, to change to working eight to twelve hours daily. This proposal has not been approved by the Ministry of Labour.

USA Accuses Guatemala of Breaking Labor Laws

July 2010

The USA condemns the Guatemalan government for not guaranteeing acceptable working conditions or the right to form unions.

The US commercial representative, Ron Kirk, indicated that, "we want to see the Guatemalan government take specific and effective measures, including, if necessary, leglislative reform in order to reduce the systemic failings of the country's labor laws".

New Labor Regulations in Panama

June 2009

Although it was not planned in the agenda of the new administration, outside pressures have focused attention on labor reform.

The evidence that the process of this reform has started are the four decrees on labor regulations that were issued by the departing administration.