Nicaragua: Veto on Convention Bureau Remains Firm

Although the law had been adopted by consensus at the National Assembly, government legislators did not oppose the veto imposed by President Ortega.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

An article on reports that the standard vetoed "... created an autonomous body of public and private nature, called a Convention Bureau to promote the holding of international events in the country, offering logistic conditions, security and hotels in order to welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists. "

In his argument to veto the law, the Nicaraguan president "... only mentions that the motivation for the annulment is because the law is" very complex and cumbersome ' without giving further arguments. "

In the preamble to the draft Convention Bureau Act, it was stated that:

I - That it is a priority for the strengthening and development of the tourism industry in Nicaragua, encouraging the organization of national and international events in our country, given the privileged position we have in Central America and the existence of a legal framework guaranteeing the development of sustainable tourism and respect for the environment and natural resources.

II - That Nicaragua signed the "Universal Declaration of the Common Good of the Earth and Humanity", by means of which in Article 1, ordinal II, it is recognized that the Common Good of Mother Earth and Humanity, requires protection and restoring the integrity of ecosystems, with special concern for biological diversity and all natural processes that sustain life, establishing a crucial link between economic activities and the conservation of natural resources, the country's main tourist attraction.

III - That with the creation of the Convention Bureau of Nicaragua, the aim is to raise the professional and technical quality of the providers of related services to the tourism industry, entering into a segment of tourism events, given that Nicaragua is the only country in Central America that does not have a Convention Bureau.

IV - The Convention Bureau of Nicaragua, will implement effective marketing designed to increase annually the number of visitors to our country, and the growth of its economy, through direct sales and marketing, as a destination for programs tourism.

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The law aims to facilitate the promotion of Nicaragua as a destination for business tourism and creates a board for the Bureau on Conventions, composed of members from the private and public sectors.

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