Nicaragua: Threat of Transport Strike

A strike has been announced in the next few days unless the government meets demands related to the problems faced in customs offices and compliance with traffic rules.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Spokespeople for the Transport Association in Nicaragua (ATN) said the strike is in protest against the bureaucratic obstacles faced in customs offices, arrests by the police in different points along the routes and the increase in the fines.

Marvin Altamirano, president of the Association of Carriers of Nicaragua (ATN), told "... 'This situation has been going on for three months. With different complaints from members. There are complaints about delays in customs, on several occasions we have also spoken out against an increase in the fines, and now also the case that many carriers are being stopped by the National Police up to twenty times or more on a single route.'"

"... Altamirano confirmed that on the northern and southern borders of Nicaragua there are vans that have spent up to 24 or more hours stranded due to delays in customs. "The scanners are operating, but all the documents are checked just as before, therefore the agility they promised is the exact opposite because there is a double check that lengthens waiting times and means established commitments cant be kept," he said. "

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July 2019

In Nicaragua, the guild of transporters reports that in the customs of the country is reviewed 40% of cargo trucks, a situation causing delays because the international standard is to inspect a maximum of 10% of units.

Managers of the Association of Nicaraguan Transporters (ATN) reported that since the beginning of the political and social crisis in the country in April 2018, the time for a truck to enter Nicaraguan borders has increased and carriers can spend up to a day.

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January 2014

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The Central American Freight Council declared a protest strike at Salvadoran borders over the payment of $18 for the inspection of cargo travelling overland.

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May 2012

The transportation of people and goods faces extraordinary problems passing through the customs post ‘Pedro de Alvarado’, between El Salvador and Guatemala.

Carriers are complaining about the customs authorities of both sides, because of the imposition of controls which are causing delays.