Nicaragua: Tax on Street Signs

An announcement has been made that the Legislature will resume discussion of approving the Signs Act, which aims to charge an annual tax on advertising signs installed on streets and roads.

Monday, January 12, 2015

As yet no date has been announced for the return to the discussion of the rules, but consultation is already taking place with the 153 municipalities of the country. The tax proposed, for each sign, varies depending on the size, type of structure and placement. reports that "... Article 19 of the initiative, explains that hoardings that are placed on the avenues and mostly tied power line poles will have to pay a tax of $10 and will last for six calendar days, Monday to Saturday and hoarding owners must ensure the removal thereof, on Sundays. "

"... The initiative states that the corresponding mayor, must require the applicant to present an insurance policy against third party damage covering the term of the permit which the hoarding has, without prejudice to the other requirements established for its installation. "

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Panama: New Rules for Outdoor Advertising

September 2015

From January 2016 new regulations of the Mayoral Office of Panama will be in effect, imposing fines on companies that exceed the maximum number of ads permitted.

The new rules governing in January 2016 prohibit placing posters or any announcements at more than 11 points, including churches, airports, national monuments, sites declared heritage of the Republic, sites declared as protected areas or city gardens.

Tender: Outdoor Advertising

September 2015

The Municipality of San José is putting out to tender the supply, installation and maintenance of bus stops, advertising panels and rubbish bins, and commercial exploitation of advertising space for 10 years.

Costa Rica Government Purchase 2015LN-000030-05101:


Outdoor Advertising Regulated in Panama

September 2013

The width, height and distance required between each fence and between commercial and street furniture are some of the aspects which the regulation will cover.

"Mayor Roxana Mendez presented to the Municipal Council of Panama a project to regulate the placement of outdoor advertising", reported

Publicity Regulated in Salvadoran capital

August 2012

The enforcement of an Ordinance Regulating Advertising means that ads in public spaces in the capital will be regulated.

The ordinance is intended to regulate the installation, location and maintenance of advertising elements installed on public roads.

The regulations prohibit:

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