Nicaragua Sugar Estates to Export $56 Million in Ethanol

The company predicts that it will export 80 million liters of ethanol to Europe in 2009 which will generate $56 million in income.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited, which is owned by the Pellas Group, owns Ingenio San José, through which it produced and exported 20 million liters of ethanol in 2007, 50 million in 2008, and it plans to reach 80 million this year.

In an article published in La Prensa in Nicaragua, Alvaro Martinez, manager of the company, indicated that they have already exported 40 million liters this year, which accounted for $28 million in income.

He expressed optimism in the face of the current economic crisis: "He said he was confident that the European market will mantain its demand for ethanol despite the financial and economic crisis" and that he hopes that prices “will stabilize at around an average of 70 cents per liter."

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Nicaragua Increases Sugar Exports

March 2012

Sugar sales were $55.6 million in February 2012, $34 million more than in February last year, meanwhile producers claim that there is a large interest in purchases by Russian factories.

Sugar exports increased by 20% at the beginning of the year, said Mario Amador, Executive Director of the National Committee of Sugar Producers, CNPA.

Sugar Mill Invests $93 Million in Guatemala

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Pantaleón Sugar Mill will invest $50 million to increase its sugar production and $43 million to enlarge its ethanol manufacturing facility.

Mauricio Cabarrús, general manager at Pantaleón, remarked that they plan to increase their sugar cane production from 25 million to 28 million tons.

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In 2008, 265 million liters of ethanol and alcohol manufactured from sugar cane were exported to Europe and the United States.

Biofuel production generates additional income for sugar producers in Guatemala, which could be a palliative in the face of the economic crisis, according to comments from Fraterno Vila, president of the Sugar Association of Guatemala (ASAZGUA), in an article in

Nicaragua increases ethanol production from sugar cane

August 2008

Daily production will surpass one million liters per day sometime between this year and the next, according to estimates from the Industrial Chamber of Nicaragua.

Nicaragua is joining the alternative energy boom driven by Brazil.
The President of the National Committee of Sugar Producers (CNPA) indicated that "this year we calculate that production will surpass 450,000 liters daily and between 2008 and 2009 we believe that we will be producing one million liters per day."