Nicaragua: Simplifying Municipal Permits

The private sector is proposing new municipal legislation in order to unify criteria and procedures and allow for a "reduction in discretion regarding fees and licenses."

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The proposal to streamline municipal management is part of an initiative made up of 50 measures to improve the country's competitiveness, submitted by the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP) to the Nicaraguan government.

In the case of the proposal to standardize municipal legislation, Aguerri told : "... 'We can not continue to have different rates or tax plans in each municipality of the country," leading to the charging of differential rates, such as those for the loading of goods at each of the locations."

"...Work will also be done on the unification of criteria and procedures for municipal cadastre through a new piece of municipal legislation. 'It is not acceptable that in a municipality, a type of payment for land, which despite having the same characteristics of the land in the other municipalities, is found to have such a range of charges as those that currently exist'. "

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Energy: Dumping in Nicaragua

February 2020

The private sector believes that Ortega's creation of new state-owned companies to exploit oil and import and market gas and fuel will generate dumping in the country.

On February 11, the Law creating the Nicaraguan Gas Company (Enigas), the Law creating the Nicaraguan Company for hydrocarbon storage and distribution facilities (Eniplanh), the Law creating the national company for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons (ENIH) and the Law creating the Nicaraguan company for the import, transportation and commercialization of hydrocarbons (Enicom) were approved as a matter of national urgency.

Panama: Integration of Municipal Procedures

November 2016

Forty municipalities will be integrated into a single technology platform that will allow, among other things, for public service procedures to be carried out online.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance:  

Panama's Historic City Hall Budget

December 2011

With $115 million, Panama City will have for next year, the largest budget in its history.

For the first time the town of Panama City will have available $115 million for investment and maintenance works during 2012.

The budget, which is $23 million more than that of 2011, includes improvements to parks, renovation works at the Marañón gym, and the creation of a television channel, among other things.

Municipal Competitiveness Index

August 2009

The Municipal Competitiveness Index 2009 was presented in El Salvador.

With support of USAID, the United States Agency for International Development, RTI International, in alliance with the Superior School of Economics and Business (ESEN), presented the results of their study titled: "Municipal Competitiveness 2009, El Salvador".