Nicaragua: Second Phase of Land Property Organization Project

The World Bank has approved a $40 million loan to Nicaragua, which will go to projects related to the management of property rights in the country.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

From a press release issued by the World Bank (WB):

More than 90,000 families will benefit as a result of a $40 million project approved on Tuesday by the board of the World Bank (WB). This is the second stage of the Property Ordinance Project (PRODEP II) which regulates property rights and modernizes the institutions responsible for the administration of land in Nicaragua.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Hernán Estrada, said that "the comprehensive modernization of property on public record has been one of the greatest achievements of the project in its first phase, through the development of the Integrated Cadastre and Registration Information (SIICAR) System which we will continue to push forward.''

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Project for Property Titling in Nicaragua

January 2014

A Property Ordinance has been proposed which aims to complete the registration process for 10 thousand of the 106 thousand square kilometers that are currently without cadastre.

In the second phase of a program for a mass titling system, supported by the World Bank, the intention is to register 10,000 out of the 106,000km ² that are still without cadastre.

U.S. 'Waiver" Makes Businesses Uneasy

March 2012

Nicaragua's government is trying to calm fears among businesses after the release of a report covering the pending property claims of U.S. citizens, without which bilateral and multilateral U.S aid may be jeopardized.

From June 2011 to date, the government has been attending to about 64 claims by U.S.

$33 million for Land Titling in Honduras

July 2011

The World Bank has approved an interest free loan to expand access to formal land titling, cadastre surveyance and property registration.

A statement from World Bank (WB) reads:

This service is part of an improved integrated and decentralized land administration system .

$22 Million for Land Registry System

June 2009

BID will finance a loan of $22 million for the implementation of a physical land registry system to cover protected areas in Guatemala.

Guatemala will strengthen its national network of protected areas by improving its land registry system through a loan of $22 million USD from the Inter-American Bank of Development (BID).