Nicaragua: Reopening of ex Cone Denim Plant Confirmed

With an investment of $35 million and under the name Pride Denim Mills the textile the plant will restart operations in early 2014.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The textile company, which was acquired by Grupo Karim’s de Honduras announced the creation of "600 jobs to produce about 28 million yards of denim a year, which is the production capacity of the plant," noted an article in

The purchase of the plant was completed using a loan of $20 million from Banco de la Producción (Banpro) granted to Corporación de Zonas Francas (CZF) to bail out the company. The funds allowed the previous owners "to be able to leave so that the Corporation could say 'here it is totally free from company obligations, you can buy it,'" said Banpro manager, Luis Rivas.

At the moment they are in the process of hiring management positions, starting in November, with other staff to start operations next year. In addition, over the next three years Grupo Karim's plans to add sewing processes and jean washing and with this became the first center to make finished products.

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January 2014

After several years of inactivity the old facility of Pride Denim Mills will restart operations next week.

The first production to be released in the next few weeks will target local clothing companies operating under the free zone regime, but they expect to export cloth to Honduras, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and Haiti in the short term.

Negotiations for Purchase of Cone Denim Textile Factory

April 2012

European investors are to acquire the Cone Denim Plant in Nicaragua, which has been closed for 3 years and could reopen in late 2012.

"It is a fact that this year the Cone Denim plant will be reopened. We're just waiting for the (purchase) negotiations to be completed," confirmed Dean Garcia, executive director of the Nicaraguan Association of Textile and Apparel Companies (Anitec), according to

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The textile company, a subsidiary of International Textile Group, which invested $100 million in its plant in Nicaragua, now has three interested parties; meanwhile there are still plans to reopen its operations.

The U.S. textile company Core Denim, belonging to the International Textile Group (ITG), could resume operations in Nicaragua which were suspended in March 2009, informed the government, although there is still a chance that the company will be sold, which would imply a reassessment of these plans.

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Negotiations between the government and representatives of Core Denim might not conclude until the end of the year.

Since January the possibility has existed that the US based company may reopen the plant which started operations in 2007, but was closed in March 2009.