Nicaragua: Recycling Contributes $ 40 Million

The recycling industry is on its way to become an important component of the economy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The sector plans to export $ 40 million this year, nearly double the $ 24 million from 2009.

"For Carlos Marín, president of the Recycling Association of Nicaragua (ASORENIC), recycling provides jobs to about 100 thousand Nicaraguans nationwide. This includes people who earn between 50 and 100 Cordobas ($ 2.30 and $ 4.6) from residential waste collected daily, and established companies, as Renisa, which exports millions of dollars in recycled material," writes

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Recycling Industry in Panama

February 2013

The recycling industry in Panama reported, up to November 2012, more than $75 million in exports of waste products such as aluminum, iron and copper.

"In Panama, up to the end of November 2012, exports of scrap aluminum, iron and copper, among other materials, totaled $75,098,028, according to the Comptroller General of the Republic", noted an article in

The Recycling Industry in Guatemala

August 2012

In the first seven months of the year a total of four thousand metric tons have been exported.

During the opening of the Recycling ExpoConferencia, Ernesto Gil, industry representative noted that currently there are a hundred and fifty registered companies in the country who carry out the tasks of collecting, sorting, packaging and shipping recycled material abroad.

Recycling: A Growing Business

February 2012

In Nicaragua exports of materials for recycling have now reached $40 million a year.

Businesses involved in recycling are pressing the Nicaraguan government to promote a solid waste law to regulate an industry that exports more than $42 million and employs 12,000 workers.

Recycling is Up and Coming in Central America

November 2010

The recycling industry grows in the region as a way to save costs, create jobs and protect the environment.

"Nicaragua has exported until October of this year about 40 million Dollars in recyclable material, primarily iron, while in 2009 it exported 24 million Dollars," stated as evidence of the sector´s growth Carlos Marin, president of the Recycling Association of that country.