Nicaragua: Preparations for Trade Mission to Russia

Companies from various sectors will make up the group which will travel to Russia this year on a trade tour.  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The businessmen will be making the trip in search of new business opportunities and in order to strengthen economic cooperation.

According to the ambassador of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Nikolay, Nicaraguan agricultural products are those with the greatest opportunities in the Russian market.

José Adán Aguerri, president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) said that next week "... they will coordinate with ProNicaragua, in order to shape and finalize the details of the commercial tour that will include the Chamber of Industry, the Chamber of Builders the National Chamber of Tourism, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua and the Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and Service."

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March 2015

Preparations are being made for a trip by a group of companies traveling from April 20th to 24th to the South American country to explore business opportunities under the trade agreement which has been in force since 2012.

This trade mission's main objective is to make the most of the existing free trade agreement with Chile, to create business opportunities especially for the food and tobacco industries.

Private Sector Representatives in Grand Canal Project

November 2013

Business leaders will form part of the technical committee of advisers to the Grand Canal Megaproject in Nicaragua.  

Joseph Adam Aguerri, president of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (Cosep) and Benjamin Lanzas, chief of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Construction were chosen by the board of Cosep as their representatives to the committee.

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General Alvaro "Baltodano said that although there are European investors in Nicaragua such as the Barceló Group, the cocoa producer Ritter Sports and the automotive component manufacturer Draexlmaier, the country needs to attract more investment as part of the benefits available under the AA with Central America", reported

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