Nicaragua: Poultry Plant Starts Operations

Cargill has inaugurated a new cold storage and distribution plant southeast of Managua, with capacity to store up to 8 million pounds of chicken meat.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In addition to the new plant, in which $50 million were kkinvested, Cargill announced plans to invest $100 million over the next three years in three new projects, including a plant for shrimp food, in which it plans to invest $12 million.

Xavier Vargas Montealegre, president for Central America, told that another project is "... the expansion of the distribution center that the company has in the country and which will start in January. And ... they will also be investing in a project for hens to produce fertile eggs. Montealegre Vargas explained that now instead of importing the product there will be producing it in the country. "

Vargas added that "... 'This investment of almost $50 million is an example of the trust Cargill leaders have in the country and in our business management. It also shows the progress we have made in Nicaragua.'"

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New Poultry Plant Starts Operations

April 2018

Cargill has inaugurated a processing plant in Nicaragua that will have the capacity to sacrifice up to 14,000 birds per hour, and it required a $45 million investment.

The new plant, where cuts of whole chicken will be automated, will provide greater capacity for freezing and in line packaging.

New Poultry Plant in Nicaragua

January 2018

Cargill is preparing to start-up in April this year a new chicken meat processing plant, located on the road to Masaya.

Although the plant will not operate at full capacity initially, it will have a total capacity to slaughter 13,500 birds per hour for two eight-hour shifts each day, six days per week.

New Poultry Farm in Nicaragua

September 2017

With a $5 million investment a farm to fatten up chickens was inaugurated in León, and it is expected to produce about 3 million chickens a year.

The mixed capital poultry company (Nicaraguan and American) is called Castillo Poultry LLC and is located in the municipality of La Paz Centro, in León. 

Poultry Plant in Nicaragua

March 2016

The Honduran firm Avinicsa has opened a chicken fattening farm in northern Mexico with an investment of $3.1 million and with capacity to produce 5.4 million kilos a year.

The company founded on Honduran Capital, Avinicsa, has announced the opening of a broiler farm in the municipality of Tipitapa (25 kilometers north of Managua) which will produce about 410,000 chickens a year.