Nicaragua Plans to Produce 2 million Shoes

The goal will be achieved through leather export restrictions applied by the Government,which will ensure there is material for local production.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This was explained by Alejandro Delgado, president of the National Chamber for Leather, Footwear and Allied Companies (Cancunic). About 1,200 SMEs expect to close 2013 with a production of 2 million pairs of shoes, about 200 thousand more than the number produced in 2012, which is growth of 11.11%.

"A census conducted in 2005 showed that in Nicaragua we were producing 1.2 million pairs of shoes, in 2012 the figure was 1.8 million pairs, and this year in 2013 we hope that it will be 2 million," said Delgado.

"Most of the production comes from the departments of Masaya and Granada, where 70% of the factories are concentrated , 10% are in Estelí, 10% in Managua and the remaining 10% is distributed around other areas", reported

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produce between 8 and 9 million pairs of shoes, a figure that would double that reported in 2020 and generate revenues for companies of more than $120 million.

In the first weeks of the year, shoe sales in the Nicaraguan market showed dynamism, as more than one million pairs were sold due to the start of the school year, according to executives of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Leather and Footwear (Camcunic).

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