Nicaragua Pharmacy Market Heats Up

The arrival of Honduran chain Kielsa has raised fears over a market takeover and monopolistic practices.

Friday, June 28, 2013

"This is a Honduran chain entering the market using the hook of discounts and low prices, supposedly favoring large wholesalers, bankrupting small and medium business, and without any counterbalancing competition, they are the owners of the market," said the president of the United Pharmacy Association of Nicaragua (AFUN), Alberto Lacayo.

"We are working in coordination with (pharmaceutical) distributors to block any sale by this pharmacy. Unfortunately, our market is oversaturated with pharmacies," said the chief of AFUN.

According to the Deputy Eliseo Nunez, the state should be the one ensure market distortions are avoided. "This is job of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade (Mific), not the Ministry of Health because it is not a public health issue, but a market issue where it should be determined if they are using monopolistic practices," he added.

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December 2015

Through its subsidiary Pharmacies Kielsa, the honduran group has acquired Farinter Farmex a drugstore chain in a transaction whose amount was not disclosed.

Felipe Gurdián, president of the Association of Nicaragua United Pharmacies (Afun) confirmed the transaction, noting that the amount is unknown.

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December 2013

The government claims that the delay in the adoption of the eight outlets claimed by the company is due to red tape and not obstacles to investment.

"There is no obstruction. What there is is a process that must be met, and well, we have no problem with the eight more pharmacies added," said Orlando Solorzano, the Minister of Development, Industry and Trade (Mific) to

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A study by the Universidad de Costa Rica notes that one company controls the distribution of 80% of drugs sold, with price differences of up to 1,000%.

An article in reports that there is "little or no competition in the private sector of medicine, product of an industry that is "highly concentrated", causing Costa Rica to have higher drug prices compared to other Central American countries."

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