Nicaragua: Outlook for the Textile Sector

According to businessmen in the country's textile sector, as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, a reduction in work orders is expected during the second half of the year.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Representatives of the Nicaraguan Association of the Textile and Clothing Industry (Anitec), predict that with the closure of the stores of several of their clients, sales will be reduced considerably and inventory levels will increase.

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Dean Garcia, CEO of Anitec, told that "... In the fall in volume we are evaluating the situation, we do not have exact data, but there is a projection that the practical effect will be between 25% and 40% drop in production, because assume that this situation is solved in June, being very positive, there will be an effect all these months."

García added that "... every day things change so we are working on actions to see what we can do, we don't know how many jobs will be lost, but there will be effects."

Covid-19: How are the outlook changing for companies in the textile sector?

We prepared for our clients the report "Information System: Covid-19 and Business Outlook", which helps companies measure the impact the crisis will have on their activity in the coming months.

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Against the backdrop of an imbalance in trade and restrictions decreed in several markets around the world, Central American companies in the garment business are operating and generating export earnings at levels that merely allow them to subsist.

Data from the Office of Textiles and Apparel, of the U.S.

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Uncertainty over a possible second wave of covid-19 cases globally will prevent Salvadoran textile industry exports from recovering for the rest of 2020.

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Despite global threats, such as the possibility of a global economic slowdown, businessmen in the sector are confident that their sales will continue to rise.

Companies operating under the free zone regime in the country, estimate that their sales abroad during 2019 amounted to about $ 1.7 billion, an amount that exceeds by 5% what was recorded in 2018.

Nicaragua: Optimism in Textile Industry

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Despite the challenges facing the Central American textile industry with the coming into force of the TPP and Asian competition, projections are that there will be growth of 8% in 2016.

The main reason is the decision of the US government to extend for ten years the tariff advantages enjoyed by Nicaraguan exports to the northern country, supporting them against the entry into force of the Trans-Pacific Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP).