Nicaragua: Optimism in the Rice Sector

The union estimates that agricultural production cycle 2016-17 will be 5.5 million hundredweight, exceeding the 4.1 million hundredweight produced in the previous harvest.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The Union of Agricultural Producers of Nicaragua (UPANIC) based its forecast on the 68,000 acres of land to be cultivated during the different sub-cycles of production in the 2016/17 cycle.

Michael Healy, president of UPANIC, told that "... 'some years ago, we were importing 80% of rice and were producing around 20%, today in Nicaragua we are producing 80% of the rice we consume and we are only importing 20%'."

"... According to the Plan for Production, Consumption and Trade Cycle 2016-2017, in the last cycle, 2015-2016, 64,000 hectares were planted with irrigated rice, with a production of 4.1 million hundredweight."

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Optimistic Perspectives for Agriculture in Nicaragua

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The agricultural and livestock guild plans to close the 2017/18 cycle with growth close to 5.5%, which is due to better yields and a rebound in international prices of the main export products.

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