Nicaragua: New Charges for Customs Inspections

Approval has been given to the amendment to the law on scanned inspections which replaces the rate of 0.26% on the value of the goods with a fixed fee of $70 for goods exceeding $2,000 and $20 for goods valued at between $500 and $2000.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Goods under the free zone regime, which are transported by land or sea, will pay $30 and goods transported via air will have a rate of $25, while perishable cargo has a fixed rate of $20.

The text of the new law provides exemptions from payment of the Customs Security Service for the following:

A. customs declarations for entry of goods with a CIF value exceeding five hundred US dollars (U.S. $500.00).

B. customs declarations for the exit of goods with a FOB value exceeding five hundred US dollars (U.S. $500.00); C. import and export of hydrocarbons and their derivatives which enter the national customs territory by sea and are unloaded into storage tanks on land via oil or gas pipelines.

D. measures and equipment necessary to ensure national security and defense, entering the country by land, air or water; E. cargo vehicles in international traffic condition, empty or in ballast entering or leaving the country;
F. embassies, missions and international organizations which have signed reciprocal agreements with the country.

The law adds that "...The exemption of payment of the SSA rate does not release from, or imply a decrease of, the exercise of the authority of customs offices over people, goods and means of transport, through the application of the non-intrusive inspection service. "

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El Salvador Still Not Charging Scanner Fee

September 2014

The new extension of the suspension of the payment of $18 for the non-intrusive inspection of international land transit operations is for 60 days starting from September 15, 2014.

For the third time so far this year, the Legislative Assembly has decided to maintain the suspension of the collection of the customs levy, this time until 15 November.

Nicaragua: Changes in Charges for Customs Inspections

June 2014

If the proposed amendment to the Scanner Act is approved, the fee to be charged will be $70 on merchandise worth over $2,000 and $20 on goods ranging in value from $500 to $2000.

In addition, there will be a fee of $25 on freight from the free zone declared in air customs offices and $30 of free zone goods declared in land and maritime customs offices.

Panama: Container Inspection Costs Established

May 2014

An administrative fee for customs services has been established at $100 when the taxable customs value is equal to or greater than $2000.

From a report from the Cabinet Council of Panama:

Rate adjustment approved by Customs Administrative Services

The Cabinet Council has approved a decree that establishes an Administrative Fee for Customs Services and dictates other provisions.

Exemption from $18 Customs Fee applies to all Transport

January 2014

The suspension of payment for customs inspections in El Salvador applies to goods in international transit and those with a local destination.

From a press release issued by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador:

The Legislature has approved an authentic interpretation of Decree 604, approved on January 16, which contains exceptional and transitional provisions applied to the "Customs Simplification Act" to suspended for a period of 180 days, the fee for the provision of non-intrusive inspections, whose office of departure and destination are within or outside the borders of El Salvador.