Nicaragua: Investment for Processing Chia Seeds

With an investment of $9 million a new plant will be installed to process the seed that has become fashionable among investors and small producers.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The production of chia in Nicaragua has taken a new turn, as the company Acustica (CAC Trading) (dedicated to the purchase and sale of grain or commodities at regional level) will install a processing plant for the seed, which will involve an investment of $9 million and will be opened in Jinotega in 2014.

"The industrial process will extract from chia seeds the omega 3, fiber, amino acids and vitamins that it possesses in order to produce oils that will be exported to markets such as the U.S. and Europe, where there is demand for production of nutritional supplements, flour and even for use in the manufacture of cosmetics" reported

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Opportunities in the French Market

July 2016

Coffee, textiles, clothing accessories and leather are some of the products that have opportunities for being sold in the European country.

In addition to traditional products such as coffee, textiles, leather and accessories, representatives of the Franco-Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce identified opportunities in the French market for other non-traditional export products such as chia. In 2015 the country exported $32 million worth to the European country and imported goods worth $110 million, according to central bank figures.

Rise and Fall of Chia in Nicaragua

November 2015

The promising future and the high prices predicted in 2012 for the production and export of the seed have failed to materialize, and the amount of land cultivated continues to shrink.

Global overproduction of chia seeds that started in 2013 when international prices started to rise and a lot of people identified a business opportunity in production and marketing, was one of the main factors explaining the drop in price and the resulting disincentive for this business.

Chia Price Falls 39%

May 2014

The fall in international prices and overproduction is negatively impacting sales of the seed harvested in Nicaragua.

In the U.S. market a quintal of chia is trading at $170 whereas it previously traded for $280. During the 2013-2014 cycle Nicaraguan growers harvested about 180,000 quintals, however, much of this crop had no advance purchase contracts and contractual undertakings from exporters are full.

Chia Cultivation in Nicaragua

March 2014

Work is being done on producing better chia seeds in the country in order to meet the demands of international buyers.

Despite being one of the fastest growing crops in Nicaragua, the current shortage of chia seeds could hinder production. For this reason, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua (APEN) is working on the production of a new seed that meets the demands of international buyers.