Nicaragua: Increase in Number of Birds Denounced

Businessmen in the sector say that for the last two years the theft of livestock and illegal slaughtering of animals has been on the rise.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Representatives of the Federation of Livestock Associations of Nicaragua (Faganic) reported that another situation that affects them is the shortage of credit for producers.

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Solón Guerrero, vice-president of Faganic, told that "... at the level of the territories, the producers' manifestation is that there has been a fairly substantial increase in the number of cattle and clandestine farming, a product of the crisis and the increase in unemployment."

According to Alvaro Vargas, president of the union, "... illegal slaughtering is a new form of crime, where thieves enter the farm, slaughtering the cattle, taking the meat and leaving the bones in place."

According to CentralAmericaData reports, Nicaraguan exports of frozen and refrigerated beef amount to around $500 million per year, with the main destination markets being the U.S. and El Salvador.

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Livestock: $6 million in Losses

March 2019

In Costa Rica, it is estimated that nearly $6 million is lost each year because of theft and illicit piecing of cattle on the country's farms.

The Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) reports 37,427 head of cattle stolen or cut up between January 2007 and November 2018, with a unit value of around $670 (400,000 colones).

Cattle Farmers Negotiate Prices with Venezuela

September 2012

In order to renew a trade agreement that expires at the end of September, Nicaraguan farmers are asking for a 20% increase in the price of meat exported to Venezuela.

The price of beef exported by Nicaragua to Venezuela under the current agreement is $4,300 a tonne, a figure that farmers want raised to $5,160, a 20% increase.

Cattle Farmers Encourage Construction of Slaughterhouse in Nicaragua

April 2011

An initial capital injection of $4 million by cattle farming associations is hoped to be enough to enable work to begin immediately.

Nicaraguan businesses are seriously considering investing in the project that will be capable of receiving 450 beef carcasses every day, to reduce pressure on existing slaughter houses.

Nicaragua to Sell 50.000 Heifers to Mexico

November 2010

Sukarne has invested $ 10 million in facilities in the country for cattle fattening and their subsequent export.

Solon Guerrero, president of the Federation of Livestock Producers of Nicaragua (Faganic), noted plans to export 20.000 animals in 2011 and 30.000 in 2012.

"The national herd is estimated at more than five million animals. Nicaragua has also begun to export beef to Russia," reported El Universal.