Nicaragua: Increase in Minimum Wage

On September 1, the 4.1% rise in the minimum wage for workers in nine of the ten sectors established by law will come into force.

Friday, August 18, 2017

The 4.125% increase is part of the 8.25% adjustment approved jointly by the private sector, government and unions in February.  At that time it was agreed that the adjustment would be made in two parts, at the beginning of each semester. reports that "...The tenth sector covered by this Law is the industry subject to the free zone regime, but this is negotiated individually and its increases are over longer periods and it will be applied at the beginning of each year.

"...  The new salaries for the nine sectors that will have adjustments: 

  • 3,773.82 cordobas a month - minimum wage for the agricultural sector.
  • 5,738.20 córdobas a month - minimum wage in the fishing sector.
  • 6,777.61 cordobas a month - salary for workers in the mines and quarries sector.
  • 5,074.31 cordobas a month - minimum wage in the manufacturing industry.
  • 4,054.76 cordobas a month - salary for workers in the micro and small craft industry of production and tourism.
  • 6,921.93 cordobas a month - salary in electricity, water, commerce, restaurants, hotels, transport, storage and communications sectors.
  •  8,445.44 cordobas a month - minimum wage in construction and financial establishments.
  • 5,290.48 cordobas a month - salary for communal social and personal services.
  • 4,706.12 córdobas a month - minimum wage in the central government."

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Nicaragua: Minimum Wage Increases 2.6

February 2020

In a context of a sharp drop in economic activity, the government decided to increase the minimum wage by 2.63% as of 1 March.

The increase, which was agreed by the Ministry of Labor and which will affect ten economic activities, was endorsed by the authorities on 6 February. Workers in free zones will be the only ones not to be subject to this increase, since wages in this sector were raised at the beginning of the year.

Nicaragua: 10% Hike in Minimum Wage

March 2018

Due to a lack of consensus between employers and workers, the government established the increase for this year at 10.4%, which will be applied in two parts, beginning with a 5,2% adjustment, starting from March.

As the business sector and workers could not agree on fixing the increase, the Ortega administration made the decision to establish the adjustment. The first increase will be 5.2% and will apply from March, while the second will also be 5.2%, and will be fixed from September of this year and will run until February 28, 2019. 

El Salvador: Rise in Minimum Wage

January 2015

The government has announced that from January 1 there will be an increase of 4% in the legal minimum wage in the productive sectors.

The rise corresponding to this year, 2015, is part of an agreement reached in 2013 and modifies the table for minimum wages, increasing the minimum monthly wages for workers in different sectors by 4%.

Nicaragua: Minimum Wage Increased

September 2014

The increase, which will be applied from September 2014, varies between 4.9% and 5.38%, and applies to all industries, except the free zone regime.

The wage increase ranges between 4.9% and 5.38% depending on the manufacturing sector concerned. reports that "...