Nicaragua: Incentives for Mining

A bill proposes the creation of a public mining company, which would be able to participate in concessions and form associations with other public or private companies.

Monday, June 13, 2016 reports that "...Some of the functions that this law would have is to carry out feasibility analysis to set up mineral processing establishments in areas with mining potential, within concession areas; and market products derived from the exploitation of mineral resources. "

According to a document sent to the National Assembly, ENIMINAS would be a decentralized public company, under the guidance of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), with technical, administrative and financial autonomy with a commercial twist, and a domain of the State.

Among the activities that the company ENIMINAS would develop are the following:

- In order to contribute to the organization of small scale mining, to the eradication of mercury in artisanal processing and in order to promote the use of good environmental practices this company would be able to set up mineral processing plants in non-concessioned areas, mining reserve areas, or within the free areas declared fit for development of small mining or artisanal mining by the MEM.
The capacity of the mining processing plants would depend on the volume to be processed according to the relevant technical studies.

- Form partnerships, create mixed economy companies, form associations, temporary unions, strategic alliances and generally any act or contract permitted by national laws in order to fulfill its purpose and achieve national goals, by natural or legal persons, national or foreign, public or private.

- Promote partnerships, cooperatives and other forms of association for mining production.

See project "Law Creating the Nicaraguan Company of Mines". (In Spanish)

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A New Mining Law in the Dominican Republic

December 2017

The bill contemplates creating a National System for the Distribution of Mining State Income, which would use the funds generated to finance sustainable development projects in the country.

From a statement issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mines:

Nicaragua and the New Mining Law

June 2017

The Assembly is preparing to approve a bill that creates the Nicaraguan Mining Company (Empresa Nicaragüense de Minas), which will be able to participate in exploration and exploitation activities carried out by companies who have received concessions.

In addition to the possibility of participating directly in activities carried out by concessionaire companies, once the law is approved, the Nicaraguan Mining Company (ENIMINAS), "... will have as its objective the execution and development of exploration and rational exploitation of the country's mining resources. "

A New Mining Company in El Salvador

September 2016

Companies in the sector point to the favorable geological conditions for this activity in the country and advocate that the suspension of concessions which has been in effect since 2009 be lifted.

Companies engaged in exploration and mining activities support their argument citing the new ways in which the activity now takes place, differentiating the artisanal mining techniques which were used in the past from those used in modern mining. 

Mining Bill to Void 25 Exploration Applications

November 2011

Should the draft legislation under discussion in the Assembly of Panama be approved, 25 applications for mining exploration in the Ngäbe Bugle region would be made void.

The bill would see the prohibition of granting concessions for the exploration and exploitation of metallic and nonmetallic minerals in Ngäbe Bugle. Only those extractions that benefit the region would be authorized.