Nicaragua: Harassment of Businessmen Continues

Arguing that there are indications that businessmen have attempted against the Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people, local authorities ordered to lift the bank and tax secrecy of former Funides executives.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

In recent weeks in Nicaragua a wave of arrests has been made against presidential pre-candidates, business leaders and people who oppose the government's actions.

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As the days go by, the panorama continues to worsen, as authorities continue to accuse opponents and business leaders, people who are created cases and investigated.

Currently, the Public Prosecutor's Office is conducting investigations against the Violeta Barrios de Chamorro and Funides Foundations, their Boards of Directors and against all those persons suspected of having attempted against Nicaraguan society and the rights of the people, in accordance with Law No. 1055, according to an official communiqué published on June 16.

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According to the document of the Public Ministry "... in the case of the persons under investigation, in accordance with the laws of the Republic, we have requested the judges to order the lifting of the Banking, Financial and Tax Secrecy, for which reason we have been receiving from the financial system, the required information."

Those under investigation are:

-Luis Rivas Anduray
-Juan Carlos Sanson Caldera
-Gerardo José Baltodano Cantarero
-Edwin Alejandro Mendieta Chamorro
-Martha Jeannette Duque Estrada
-Humberto Antonio Belli Pereira
-Alfredo Jose Marin Ximénez
-Roberto Martino Salvo Horvilleur
-Aurora Mercedes Gurdián Ubago
-Jaime Javier Montealegre Lcayo
-Jose Antonio Baltodano Cabrera
-Jose Evenor Taboada Arana

All members of Funides' boards of directors in the 2015-2017 and 2017-2019 terms.

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