Nicaragua: Good Prospects for Mining

This year's projections are for production of 276 thousand troy ounces of gold and 689 thousand silver, and it is expected that $355 million will be generated in export earnings.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The mining companies' association predicts that private investment this year will range from $125 million to $140 million. Sergio Ríos, president of the Mining Chamber of Nicaragua (Caminic), "... recently stated that 'gold production in 2016 amounted to 267,000 troy ounces' and that since 2011 the production of precious metal has grown at a annual average rate of 9.3%'."

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In this context of good prospects for the sector for the remainder of the year and 2018, the Assembly is preparing to approve a bill which creates the Nicaraguan Mining Company, which will be able to participate in exploration and exploitation activities carried out by companies that have received concessions.

The Central Bank's 2017-2018 Production, Consumption and Trade Plan, forecasts the "... production of 275.6 thousand troy ounces of gold (3.1% growth) and 688.9 thousand troy ounces of Silver (1.1% growth). The average gold export price expected is of US $1,250 per troy ounce and for silver of US $11 per troy ounce, with expected revenues of US $344.5 million in gold exports and US $11.0 million in silver."

In the case of non-metallic mining, "... we expect to extract 181 thousand cubic meters of sand (5% growth), 61.6 thousand cubic meters of concrete (5% of 74 growth), 94.2 thousand cubic meters of selected material (5% growth), 46.8 thousand metric tons of gypsum (10.5% lower), and 9.6% million quarry stone units (5% growth)."

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Mining: Engine of Growth in Nicaragua

October 2017

Mining activities have grown at an annual average of 9% in the last ten years, mainly due to growing foreign investment, an increase in production and favorable international prices.

A report presented by the Nicaraguan Mining Chamber states that between 2006 and 2016, foreign direct investment totaled $793 million, having an annual average of $79 million. 

Nicaragua: Gold Exports Up 8%

May 2017

In the first four months, gold sales abroad generated $110 million, an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2016.

The mining companies' association attributes the good results achieved between January and April to stability in the international price of gold and an increase in production. Sergio Ríos, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Mining (Caminic), pointed out that at the end of last April the price of gold remained at an average of US $1,255 per troy ounce.  

Nicaragua Wants More Mining Investment

March 2017

The union of mining companies is promoting the arrival of new foreign investments in order to achieve greater development and formalization of metal mining in the country.

The president of the Mining Chamber of Nicaragua (Caminic), Sergio Rios, presented  to foreign businessmen the characteristics and conditions offered by the country's for mining investments and invited them to invest in the country and take advantage of its geological potential.

The Mining Sector in Nicaragua

August 2014

In the last six years capacity mining production in the country has tripled and it is expected to increase even more with the startup of two new projects.

According to Denis Lanzas Cisneros, vice president of the Chamber of Mines of Nicaragua, one of the main reasons behind the growth of the sector in recent years is the regulatory framework which established the Mining Act, which "...