Nicaragua: Expectations for Nonmetal Mining

Mining companies anticipate good results for 2016, not only because of the expected improvement in international prices but also due to the dynamism of local construction.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Non-metallic mining is the category, in the view of representatives of the sector, which achieved the best performance this year because of the construction boom in the country, which is demanding ever more limestone, sand and other essential materials used for building.

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On the other hand, in relation to metal mining, which in recent years has been affected by low international prices, such as the case of gold, better results are anticipated than those achieved so far, because so far this year, " ... the price (of gold) has been rising. 'In January it was trading at $1,089 an ounce and most recently it stood at $1,258, 'said Sergio Rios to, president of the Mining Chamber of Nicaragua (Caminic)."

"... Rivers believes that if this trend holds out, 2016 will close better than 2015, since in the same period in that year an ounce traded at $1,207, representing an increase of 18.6 percent and we have yet to see the final numbers at the end April, which could further improve that picture. "

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Nicaragua: Gold Exports Up 8%

May 2017

In the first four months, gold sales abroad generated $110 million, an increase of 8% compared to the same period in 2016.

The mining companies' association attributes the good results achieved between January and April to stability in the international price of gold and an increase in production. Sergio Ríos, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Mining (Caminic), pointed out that at the end of last April the price of gold remained at an average of US $1,255 per troy ounce.  

Nicaragua: Optimistic Projections for Mining

February 2017

The union anticipates a positive year for the international price of gold, whose exports generated $357 million between January and November 2016, 12% more than in the previous year.

The stability of the international price of gold in 2016 was the main reason behind the good results achieved by the sector dedicated to metal mining in Nicaragua.  Gold exports exceeded $357 million, according to data at CETREX and better results are projected for this year.

Nicaragua: Precious Metal Exports Fall

May 2015

Low gold prices and weaker external demand account for 14% of the annual fall in the export of metal products for March.

In the first quarter of 20,700 ounces of gold were exported, down from the 73,800 ounces sold in the same period in the previous year. The main reason behind this decrease is the fall is the international price of gold, which has remained low over the past year and part of this year.

The Mining Sector in Nicaragua

August 2014

In the last six years capacity mining production in the country has tripled and it is expected to increase even more with the startup of two new projects.

According to Denis Lanzas Cisneros, vice president of the Chamber of Mines of Nicaragua, one of the main reasons behind the growth of the sector in recent years is the regulatory framework which established the Mining Act, which "...