Nicaragua: Conflict Between Hydroelectric Stations and the State

The National Electricity Transmission Company (Empresa Nacional de Transmisión Eléctrica) requires small hydro stations to sign a collaboration agreement and grant a general power to the State.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Electricity Transmission Company (Enatrel) requires Small Hydro Power stations (SHPs) to sign a cooperation agreement and grant a general power of business to the state. According statements by Lizeth Zuniga, executive director of the Renewable Energy Association to, the convention is being used as a form of "blackmail".

"There is no time limit (to sign the agreement), but they are creating a lot of pressure, so if a small business gets damaged and stops generating, they do not support the repairs and while they are not supporting them, the entire community is putting on the pressure for electricity," she said.

For example , the PCH El Naranjo, "had an electronic card in the power plant which was damaged and Enatrel indicated that a replacement would not be given unless they signed an agreement in which the company would cedes all of its assets to the state for 20 years".

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El Salvador Prefers Mini Hydro Stations

May 2012

The concept is part of the "Master Plan for the development of renewable energies" which sets out a strategy in power generation for the next 15years.

A study by the National Energy Council (CNE) in conjunction with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) outlines a strategy for the next 15 years in the development of technologies using renewable resources.

New Hydro Station in Guatemala

March 2012

Located in Alta Verapaz, the Santa Teresa Hydroelectric Plant is capable of generating 16.4 megawatts (MW).

The hydroelectric plant is part of the Energy Division of Corporación Multi Inversiones.

"The energy produced by the station can supply approximately 25,000 households with an average consumption of 250 kilowatt hours a month, said the company’s public relations office .

$11 Million in Hydro Plants in Guatemala

January 2010

The Government of Japan will donate $11 million to construct 3 hydroelectric power plants in Alta Verapaz.

Three small hydro power plants will be constructed in Chahal, Cahabón and Panzós, and will generate 94, 59 and 98 KW respectively. reported that "the money is a non-refundable financial cooperation, administered by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)".

Nicaragua Invites Bids for Equipping Hydro Plant

January 2010

Companies must bid for supplying and installing turbines and accessories for La Florida Hydro Power Plant.

The required generation equipment must be installed at the location of hydro power plant La Florida, in Waslala, Nicaragua, some 260 km away from Managua.

Among the requirements, companies must supply and install Turgo Turbines, cables, generators and other electric equipment.