Nicaragua: Collusion in Setting Interest Rates?

The National Institute for the Promotion of Competition has stated that there is an agreement between banks to fix interest rates on credit cards.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Nicaragua annulled the resolutions issued by Procompetencia against the practice, considerer by the watchdog as abusive against consumers.

An article in review the situation where on one side lies the National Institute for the Promotion of Competition (Procompetencia) and on the other the Association of Private Banks (Asobanp), whose president Juan Carlos Arguello denied that there has been are agreement over rates. He explained that behavior responds to the competition between banks, which "is strong."

Meanwhile Luis Rivas, general manager Banpro also responded saying "it is completely false that we are in collusion with banks to set interest rates on credit card loans."

Rivas and Arguello maintain that it would be "extremely difficult" to agree on rates, primarily in consumer loans, including credit cards and cars, as it is the most competitive segment in the market.

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Private banks are protesting because "the provisions contained in the banking law referring to the requirements and authorizations for the establishment and commencement of operations of commercial banks will not be applicable to Produzcamos."

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Less Credit Cards in Nicaragua

January 2012

In the past four years credit card issuance has reduced by 42.4%.

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Juan Carlos Arguello, president of Asobanp (Association of Private Banks of Nicaragua) said that the sector does not support an amendment to Law 515 of Credit Cards, as they consider more convenient to have regulations issued by the Superintendency of Banks, as this would be "less disruptive to the system", he said.

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