Nicaragua Calls Bids for Hydroelectricity Equipment

The Ministry of Energy and Mines has invited bids for supplying energy generation equipment for 300-KW hydroelectric power plant La Florida, in Waslala.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Government of Nicaragua has been given funding for the Supply and Installation of Generation Equipment and Accessories for Small Hydroelectric Plant (SHP) Florida (300 kW), as part of project 10-000-14045 IAS 'Development of Small Scale Hydropower for Productive Use Outside of Power Grid Zones' .

The Ministry of Energy and Mines has invited companies specializing in manufacture and installation of generating equipment for small hydroelectric to apply for supplying and installing generation equipment and accessories. These must be placed and installed in PCH Florida, located in the municipality of Waslala, about 260 kms from the city of Managua.

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Good Returns from Hydropower

November 2012

Generating electricity by exploiting the potential of the rivers in Guatemala has a promising present and future.

The latest tenders to be put out for the supply of electricity in Guatemala, demonstrate the interest of local and foreign investors in participating in a good business proposition.

Support for Mini Hydropower in Guatemala

August 2012

The government of Guatemala has promised to support power projects promoted by cooperatives in rural areas.

Over 10 projects for small hydroelectric facilities are being encouraged by the Confederation of Guatemalan Cooperatives Federation, with the support of the U.S. Federation of Cooperatives for Electricity Generation.

$11 Million in Hydro Plants in Guatemala

January 2010

The Government of Japan will donate $11 million to construct 3 hydroelectric power plants in Alta Verapaz.

Three small hydro power plants will be constructed in Chahal, Cahabón and Panzós, and will generate 94, 59 and 98 KW respectively. reported that "the money is a non-refundable financial cooperation, administered by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)".

Nicaragua Invites Bids for Equipping Hydro Plant

January 2010

Companies must bid for supplying and installing turbines and accessories for La Florida Hydro Power Plant.

The required generation equipment must be installed at the location of hydro power plant La Florida, in Waslala, Nicaragua, some 260 km away from Managua.

Among the requirements, companies must supply and install Turgo Turbines, cables, generators and other electric equipment.