Nicaragua: Businessmen Press for FTA with Venezuela

Satisfied with the current export trend to Venezuela, Nicaraguan business associations want to safeguard them using a formal trade agreement.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Employers believe a treaty for trade relations, which represented $248 million to Nicaragua in 2010, is necessary for stability and independence from political aspects.

Mario Amador, president of the Nicaraguan Chamber of Industry, admitted that "there are concerns about the effect on the business side due to what may occur in the relations between Nicaragua and Venezuela in the new context of restructured power under President Hugo Chavez, for health reasons ".

He says it is right that "private business relationships are conducted under an FTA or partial trade agreement, either one of which would serve to secure the future", but so far the Nicaraguan government has not shown interest in pursuing any sort of trade agreement between the two nations.

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Colon Free Zone Is Alert to Venezuelan Crisis

February 2014

The concern is that the economic situation in the South American country will make the recovery of outstanding debts even more difficult.

The conflict currently facing Venezuela worries the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), as this may aggravate the collection of debts that are still owing.

Nicaragua and Venezuela Create Binational Food Company

July 2011

The two governments have formed the company "Grannacional de Alimentos", which will channel exports from Venezuela to Nicaragua.

Initially, the organization will handle exports of foods such as jam, banana, fruit juices, milk, tuna and cocoa powder.

Juan Carlos Jimenez, president of the Venezuelan Food Corporation, explained: "We have under agreement with Nicaragua imports of beef, long life milk, and coffee, among other things, and also we have established strategies to ensure other requirements of agricultural items for our country in the coming months . "

$350 million in Agricultural Exports to Venezuela

June 2011

In 2011, Nicaragua plans to export to Venezulea 23.3% of its agricultural output.

The government projects for this year total sales abroad of $2,000 million of which 75% ($ 1,500 million) relate to agricultural products.

The Nicaraguan Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Ariel Bucardo, told local television,"The rest of the agricultural products will be placed in traditional markets like the U.S., the main buyer of Nicaraguan products, in Central America, European and Asian countries", noted a report in

Venezuelans Looking for Business in Costa Rica

August 2009

A committee of 30 businessmen from various sectors will meet with government officials and business chambers.

The trade balance between both countries clearly favors Venezuela, which exported $657 million to Costa Rica while importing just $39.9 million.

A article reports that according to the Venezuelan ambassador in Costa Rica, "the group arriving on August 17 to San José represents all economic sectors and areas of Venezuelan production. The work agenda will be intense. In addition to expanding trade and importing Costa Rican goods, the entrepreneurs want to explore possible investments in the country, and using Costa Rica as a headquarters for their Central American investments".