Nicaragua: Avicola Estrella is Seized

As a result of the political crisis affecting the country since 2018 together with the pandemic that began in 2020, the chicken producer and operator of the restaurant chain Pollo Estrella, was financially destabilized and was seized by at least four banks.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Following a judicial process being handled in the courts of the municipality of Tipitapa, where the central plant of the Nicaraguan company operates, the authorities decided to intervene Avícola La Estrella.

In addition to operating a chain of fast food restaurants, it is estimated that until a few years ago, this business group covered about 20% of the national chicken production.

You may be interested in "Consumption of Chicken Meat Up in Central America" explained that after making a tour, it was "... confirmed that its restaurants are closed, as well as one of its collection centers located in Carretera Norte. Este Diario visited its restaurants in Bello Horizonte, the one in Monsenor Lezcano neighborhood and another one in Linda Vista."

Donald Tuckler, director of the National Association of Poultry Farmers and Food Producers (Anapa), said that "... after the 2018 crisis, the sector was seriously affected by the decrease in consumption: 'for no one it is a secret that the economy was affected, there are sectors that were drastically affected, all that in general and the situation of the decrease in purchasing power led to a reduction in consumption, due to the circumstance that the country has gone through in recent years, both the socio-political crisis and the pandemic'."

According to specialists in the subject, the intervention of this business group could be the beginning of other similar processes, since due to the economic crisis there are companies that are unable to meet their financial commitments.

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