Nicaragua Approves 2016 State Budget

23% of the approved budget for 2016 will go to the Public Investment Program, which includes infrastructure projects such as hospitals, roads and rural electrification.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The 2016 budget is 14% higher than in 2015, and of the total, 23% of resources will be focused on public investments. Among the infrastructure projects planned for 2016 are the road Naciones Unidas-Bluefields on the Caribbean coast, the road Río Blanco-Mulukukú, construction of the Occidental hospital in Managua and the new hospital in Chinandega.

Deputy Jose Figueroa said in an article on that "... 'In the energy sector the Government is assigning C $3.001 million to implement projects of rural and urban electrification for 317 rural communities and 85 urban settlements, making a total of 23,589 homes with electricity.'"

"... According to the Budget Act 2016, the Public Investment Programme (PIP) of the central government, capital spending amounts to C $16,618.9 million, an increase of C $2347.7 million in the previous year and the institutions that are driving this increase are the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, municipal transfers, health and education. In road infrastructure special importance will be given to renovation, construction, improvement and maintenance of trunk roads and rural roads. "

See the full text of the ANNUAL BUDGET LAW OF THE REPUBLIC 2016

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El Salvador: Public Investments Planned for 2020

October 2019

Road maintenance for $258 million, construction of an overpass for $58 million and the development of an energy park for $19 million, are some of the investments included in the 2020 National General Budget project.

Regarding the general amount of public investment included in the Fodes de las Alcaldías, the project discussed in the Assembly contemplates that by 2020 it would reach $1.243 million, an amount that would be 23% higher than that approved for 2019.

Panama: $9 Billion for Investments

November 2018

The 2019 budget approved by the National Assembly includes almost $9 billion for investments and $2.943 million for debt service.

Panamanian authorities informed that the approved project includes an adjustment of 350 million balboas additional to the budget initially budgeted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).

Crisis Affects Investment in Infrastructure

August 2018

Construction will not be carried out on road works, sanitation and new schools this year in Nicaragua, due to the cut in public spending approved by the National Assembly in this year's budget.

Due to the impact that the political and social crisis has had on the Nicaraguan economy since mid-April, the Ortega administration presented a new budget to the Assembly, which includes a reduction in revenues and in spending foreseen for the remainder of the year. 

Panama: $10 Million for Infrastructure Works

June 2017

The National Assembly has approved $5 million for the construction of power lines, $2.6 million for improvements to existing aqueduct networks and $2.5 million for road signs.

From a statement issued by from the National Assembly:

The Ministry of the Presidency of the Republic approved the request for transfers of items for more than five million balboas for various projects, including the construction of power lines in the country, in the amount of 890 thousand 637 balboas, two million 23 thousand balboas for the projects of the Office of Rural Electrification, which include the installation of electricity lines in Bocas del Toro, Coclé, Chiriquí, Panama West and Veraguas, and construction of electricity distribution lines for the community and school in El Peñón, among others programs.

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