Nicaragua: Airlines Postpone Restarting Flights

Originally it was announced that in the first days of August the airlines operating in the country could resume activities, but due to the requirements, most plan to reactivate their flights in September and in the case of American Airlines, the resumption would be in October.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, commercial flights to and from Nicaragua were suspended since the beginning of April. At the end of June, the U.S. Embassy informed its citizens that Aeromexico was scheduled to return on August 1, United Airlines on August 3, American Airlines on August 5, Avianca and Spirit on August 6, and Copa Airlines on August 7.

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The current scenario is different, as Spirit Airlines is the only company that would restart on August 17. The other airlines plan to resume operations in September, with the exception of American Airlines, which will resume operations until October.

The delay in reactivating commercial flights could be associated with the authorities' arrangements.

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Lucy Valenti, president of the National Chamber of Tourism, told that "... the government is asking that the airlines be responsible for receiving the covid-19 tests from passengers and sending them to government authorities."

Valenti added that with all the obstacles the authorities have imposed it is impossible to comply with all the requirements, and if the measures are not relaxed "... it will be very difficult for the airlines to start operations in Nicaragua."

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Since American Airlines, Aeromexico, United Airlines and Spirit announced that they will delay their return to the country until April, local businessmen have given up hope that air connectivity will improve in the coming weeks.

Six international airlines operate in Nicaragua, but currently only Copa and Avianca are flying.

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In accordance with the directives of the government of El Salvador, all Avianca flights to and from that country are suspended from March 17 at midnight, the airline reported.

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